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Back in March I bought a Danby portable dishwasher online from Wal-mart. I was so happy with it when I first got it. It was compact and didn't require me paying to have it installed as it just hooked up to my sink.

Well it was great for a month then it started making a weird grinding noise the dial that indicated the washer was going through the cycles stop turning and water poured out from the bottom of it flooding my kitchen and living room and ruined the carpet in the living room.

I called Wal-Mart they were pretty nice about returning it I couldn't just take it to my local store because it was a online only item but Wal-mart did pay to have it freighted back to them and it only took them a few weeks to send me a new one.

Oh how I wish I had asked for my money back, because after just seven months of use this one did the same *** thing. It long past Wal-Mart's 90 return policy so I can't return it to them. And when I called Danby who I had registered the second dishwasher with and had bought the extended warranty they acted as if I had broken it on purpose or was lying. The hag I talked to on the phone kept saying they had never had anyone who'd had two of their products break on them in less than a year. Well I said mine did now I want it fixed or replaced. Well they don't have a repair man in my area so I can't get it serviced and they won't send me another. I have to pay at my expense to have the broken one shipped back to them, and they so I can have the broken one reconditioned at the factory and then they'd send it back to me "again at my expense".

Ok I pay to send them my broken one they'll tinker with it and send it back. That's the best they can do, forget it I'll just buy one from Lowes. So save yourself a lot of time and expense and don't buy a Danby Dishasher online from Wal-mart. It's a piece of ***, and while Wal-mart is decent about it Danby isn't and they make a cheap product that won't even last a year.

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